Bio: Kimberly Feehan-Ponte

  • Certified Reading Specialist
  • Kindergarten teacher and tutor for 31 years
  • Creator of Reading Products: App Dudley's Ditties (Read to Succeed); Sound It Out CD; Fun with Letters and Sounds workbook
  • Creator of Dudley the Reading Dog
  • Creator of Dudley's Ditties Reading Express you tube channel
  • MA in Education
  • MA in Education Leadership
  • Administration Certification
  • Governor's Teacher Recognition Recipient in 1995, 2003, & 2010
  • Teacher of the Year 2013
Kimberly Feehan-Ponte has been a kindergarten teacher and tutor for thirty one years. She has a BA in Early Childhood Education. She has a MA in Education and a MA in Educational Leadership. She is a certified Reading Specialist. Clearly, education is an integral part of Kim's life!  She believes that success in reading is the cornerstone to all educational success. Because this is so important to Kim, she felt compelled to open her own reading camp, Kimber's Reading Express, in 2010.

Kim's three R's are:   Rhythm, Rhyme, and Repetition.  Through her many years of experience with a wide variety of readers, Kim has found that songs, rhymes and fun, are the keys for her students to remain motivated and to achieve success.
She uses the onset-rime approach when teaching students to read.  

Kimberly formulated her own "ditties" to insure that her students have fun while learning how to read and decode words. She decided that today's "digital natives" would benefit from an educational and fun way to learn difficult word families.  Kim has created, "Dudley's Ditties...Read to Succeed" computer game & app, Dudley's Ditties Reading Express you tube channel, and "Sound It Out" song CD to assist emergent readers, English Language Learners, and those with learning disabilities.