Kimber's Reading Express is an exclusive summer reading program offered in North Jersey. Kimber's is designed to accelerate your child's reading ability. Through the use of assessments and differentiated instruction, your child's individual reading needs will be addressed.

Scaffolding will be used to improve reading comprehension and higher order thinking skills will be encouraged. A variety of genres will be introduced through the use of authentic literature. Writing activities will be incorporated into the daily routine (journal writing, interactive writing) which benefit the development of literacy.

Kimber's Reading Express summer camp's unique curriculum will help your child learn to read. Creator and director Kimberly Feehan-Ponte teaches your child to love to read by bringing her energy, excitement and fun into the classroom. 

Why Your Child Should Attend Kimber's Reading Express:

  • Small class size (1:5 teacher/student ratio) 
  • Differentiated instruction
  •  Assessments administered
  •  Your child will be given tools to become a fluent reader and better writer
  • Original songs and games will be the catalyst of your child's enthusiasm for  this unique summer reading camp!
  • 5 Pillars of Reading will be addressed: Comprehension, Vocabulary, Phonemic Awareness, Phonics & Fluency
  •  Metacognitive strategies will be explicitly and directly taught in the program
  •  1/3 of the cost of other reading programs
  •  12 hours of reading instruction in a warm and exciting atmosphere

How Does Kimber's Summer Camp Compare With Other Reading Programs?



                                                   KIMBER'S                           Other Reading Programs




       Ratio:                                    1  to 5                                                                           1 to 18


Instructional Hours:          12 consecutive hrs/week                            10 hrs total entire program


Differentiated                                Yes                                                                                   No



Writing Component ?                  Yes                                                                                    No


Price:                                           $32.08/hr                                                                       $38.50/hr

 $385 for 12 hours
475 Lafayette Ave
Wyckoff, NJ

50% of tuition is due two weeks prior to the starting date to hold your spot.  The deposit is non-refundable.  Any classes that your child misses can not be refunded nor pro-rated.